The Music

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Notation, Serious

Septet Homage to Older Music
New Rhapsody for Varied Performers
Pictures of a North Idaho Family
Gigue for Piano and Small Orchestra
Orchestral Polonaise in G Maj.
Duet for Clarinet & Piano
Duet for Viola & Piano
Duet for Bass Clarinet & Piano
Five Incidentals for Solo Piano

Peaceful Sleep Suite #1 for Clarinet, Guitar & Harp

Peaceful Sleep Suite #2 for Guitar & Harp

Three Preludes for Trumpet & Piano Duet

Three Duets for Flute & Piano

Notation, Non-Serious

The Window of Pleasant Smiles
Clarinet with Rythmn Section
“Three Blind Mice” for Horn & Piano
Choreographed Episodes for Varied Performers

Cycle of 12 Pseudo-Ragtime Piano Solos

Reaper Sequence

Sound Effect/Ambient

Ambient Sounds Using 3 Symthesizers, Num. 1
Ambient Sounds Using 3 Symthesizers, Num. 2