A Special Page

Trying on new clothes November ’21

I’m kind, affectionate and honest. I’ve always been 100% faithful to my partner, and never have been abusive in any manner. While my humor may be quirky, certainly off-beat… I have a brain and use it to the fullest. I am patient, communicative, interested in growing a monogamous permanent relationship that is successful and cooperative. I well know that being a couple takes work. What springs from that work can be a deeply-satisfying love, physical as well a spiritual.

Over most of 2021 and up to March 2022, I was progressing through a “gastric sleeve” bariatric program based in Marquette, MI. This would have greatly facilitated significant weight loss. Based on what I felt was an incompetent psychiatric assessment, in frustration, I did not pursue a 2nd psych evaluation, and exited the program. Over the last few months, I have attended a few “Overeaters Anonymous” meetings locally.

My socio-political views are conservative, traditional. Men are men, women are women. No matter how strongly a Shetland pony wants it, it cannot become a Vietnamese pig, and neither should it claim it is something other than a Shetland pony. I am “pro-life”, believing that terminating a pregnancy prior to delivery amounts to a contraceptive solution to irresponsible / casual sex. Political correctness and progressive societal attitudes are a cancer on the American way of life. Christianity is under direct attack from all sides, while non-Christian belief structures are extolled and immune from criticism. The current president is a ventriloquist’s dummy, operated by handlers who are invisible to the citizens who thought their vote counted for something.

I’m an only-child, and was adopted at birth. My adoptive parents provided me a secure, loving, encouraging start to life, giving me great support for intellectual growth. Though I grew up in the turmoil of the 1960’s, I was sheltered from that upheaval. I have good friends, currently, and a fair number of historic friendships. The many photos I have in albums bare out all I’ve said here.

I have traveled internationally and originally hail from the “Windy City”. I have resided in the UP for 7 years, prior to which I lived in eastern Washington state for 12 years. It’s helpful if you are located in Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Quinnesec, Norway, Aurora or Niagara area. If you’re ready to share your real self, let’s meet. I have numerous hobby interests. One of them is music composition. This website allows me to share my music to whomever might be interested.

If you are MARRIED or SEPARATED or “in the process of getting a divorce”… sorry, been there, done that. I learned my lesson, it won’t happen again!

Everybody says I need to hydrate. I can’t recall what pills those are.