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If you open the score in a new window first, you can then play the audio AND scan the music. Click the triangle at left of the music player to start playback.

Piano Concerto Movement #1 ‘Maestoso’. In G Major, this concerto is a nod to my love of piano, but is really a student work, and a study in orchestral composition. It has its moments.

Piano Concerto Movement #2 “Dolce Affettuoso”

Piano Concerto Movement #3 “Poco Misterioso”

(There is no score for this music, as it is a Reaper sequence, and is not yet completed.)

A 2020 experiment using new ‘Spitfire’ Symphony Orchestra sounds, sequenced rather than using notation.

“Soliloquiom Respecere Natio” – first large-scale orchestral piece, with piano. The Latin title suggests “A personal statement of respect for my country”.

Originally written in 2005, this was the 2nd large-scale orchestral piece, after “Soliloquiom Respecere Natio”. This is named “Orchestral Smorgasbord”

This second ‘Smorgasbord’ is brand-new, and very unfinished.